I used to believe that a glass of wine made                      better.


Long stressful day at work?

Friday night with the girls?

Kids driving me mad?


There was never an occasion where drinking wasn’t a good idea.

I thought I was having fun.

And it looked like fun from the outside.

But underneath the filter of alcohol was a women who felt out of control, lost and shameful about how much and how often she drank.

I tried all the usual tricks. 

I’d only drink at the weekend.

I’d only ever have 2 drinks max so I could drive home.

I’d only buy the ‘good stuff’ so I wouldn't drink as much.

I’m sure you have too.

I believed there was something wrong with me for drinking so much.

I thought I’d be forced to live a sad, tiny, boring sober life if I couldn’t get a handle on my drinking.

Then I learned the truth.

Nothing stuck.

I didn’t have to hit some epic rock bottom in order to change my relationship with alcohol.

I was able to do what I never imagined was possible - to create a life that was so rich and full that I didn’t even think about alcohol, let alone crave it. 

Getting a handle on my drinking and - discovering WHY I drank the way I did - let me release the handbrake that had been holding me back for years.

I discovered what I actually wanted to do with my life.

I became the mother I’d always wanted to be.

I became the fittest I’d ever been (and I used to play 2 sports for Scotland!)

I can show you how to do the same thing.

If it’s possible for a Scottish Australian single mother of 2 in her 30’s who had no interest in ditching the alcohol, it’s entirely possible for you.

I’m no different or more determined than you.

I just have a process that actually works.


I want to help shift the conversation around alcohol. 

What I know to be true.

Life is wildly more fun and exciting without alcohol.

I know this because: I used to be an accidental daily drinker.

And the last drink I had was July 2018.

I'm Vari.

But I knew my life was bigger than messy Saturday nights and hazy Sundays, counting down the minutes ‘til my kids were in bed so I could crash on the couch with a glass (we know that means bottle) of wine each night.

I wasn’t an alcoholic.

I create a space for women to talk about their less-than-awesome relationship with alcohol.  

I guide my clients through a framework and process to break the habit of daily drinking.

It’s about creating new habits so you no longer have to white-knuckle it and resist the temptations to drink, but where you don’t even have to think about alcohol any more.

I’m really good at what I do - because I’ve walked the walk. 

And guided many women through the same process for them to confidently define what role they want alcohol to have in their lives.

It looked all too wholesome to me.

I never aspired to live the #soberlife.

And let’s be honest, suuuuper boring!

If you’re wondering...

Can life really be as fun without alcohol??

Take my word for it, as a woman a little further down the track...

It’s not just ‘as good’, it’s better than you can even imagine.

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Vari McKechnie is the coach and mentor for women who are ready to take their lives from good to great.

She teaches women how to identify and release their 'invisible handbrakes', so they can drive their lives forward with more ease and flow and less resistance and hustle.

Originally from Scotland, she’s called Australia home since 2007 where she lives by the beach with her 2 sons, Gabriel and Noah and their adorable staffy, Stella.

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