Coaching for female business owners and freelancers

I help women do more of what they love and find more joy, peace and freedom.

My superpower is in taking what feels heavy and overwhelming, and simplifying life and business down to the most elegant and joyful essentials.

I believe the life you actually want to live is already there, it's just buried under a pile of old habits and unnecessary busyness.

I can help you uncover the gold that's already there, as we edit all the clutter that's keeping you stuck and overwhelmed.

Each of us is unique, so I approach coaching in the same way.

Some of the things clients have come to me with:

- I'm about to have my 1st baby and I know I need to structure my work differently before I move into this new season of life.

- My website is so outdated and doesn't reflect who I am or what I do.

- I'm ready to burn my business to the ground! Is this wise?

- I've got an idea for a side hustle, could you help me make it a legit business?

- I'm burnt out. I need to prioritise my time and be more efficient.

- I want to work less and earn more, what do I need to focus on?

Some results I've helped create:

- Relaunch of an established creative business that was fading with 3 new clients which equalled 3x more profit in the first 4 months than any month in the previous 8 years.

- A high-end consulting offer created for a brand new business idea that replaced her multi 6 fig corporate income in the first 3 months and continues to grow each month.

- Creation of a signature framework for a new consulting business that allows more clients to be helped with less time required in-person.

- Launch of a mastermind program for her mentoring clients with 4 sign-ups in the first 24hrs and sold out within 8 days.

- Rebrand strategy and execution for an established business that was moving in a different direction. 

- Repositioning of ideal customer for a stagnant product based business that took off and required 3 additional staff to be hired to process the orders, whist the founder worked from home with 3 kids.

- Beta testing of a business idea by developing the offer and taking it to market (2 x 6 month retainer clients booked without a website!)

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Next step:

I love to chat before either of us makes a decision about working together. I want to make sure that I can be of service in the best way possible, and that there's a connection. It's like a first date, but without the awkwardness!

Book a spot in my diary below. I'm excited to meet you and hear more about what's happening with your life and work.

Vari x

Vari empowers you to go deep with what feels right. And trust it.

Vari’s impact is instant. It’s her energy and the way she breaks down thought processes to truly have the business owner connect with their truth.

She is kind, honest and deeply cares about finding the best outcome, guiding an achievable way forward. I’m so grateful we crossed paths at the exact perfect time. She’s exceptionally smart too!

FOUNDER, Business STRATEGIST and Mother of 3

I realised I was trying to shoehorn myself into a role that really didn’t fit.

Through the almost 2 years I’ve been working with Vari, the changes in my life have been remarkable; I launched my own consulting business, I bought a flat (as a single woman in London!), I reorgansied my priorities, and I stopped accepting the status quo for myself.

It’s been ‘all change’ and Vari has been the anchor point in my week, guiding me and cheering me on along the way. I can’t recommend her enough.


Within a few months of working with Vari my outlook on the situation changed drastically.

From the very first session, I knew I'd made the right decision.

I've always been good at setting goals but the processes that Vari teaches sets a solid foundation that makes anything achievable! 

My life was good before, but now I have the tools to make it great.

FOUNDER, executive and world traveller

The way Vari's mind works is brilliant, she goes above and beyond for you and she’s just all-round loveable at the same time.

owner of RealChai, mother of 2

Vari has this way of suggesting new ways of doing things that I hadn’t considered which I found to be very exciting and useful!

creative, wife and mother

Working within the structure that Vari teaches, I've created so much more spaciousness in my life and my business.

There's so much more flow and excitement without the hustle and grind.

mentor, speaker, author, freedom seeker, wife, mother

Structure creates freedom.

This framework is so important.

When I use the tools Vari teaches everything in my life runs so much more smoothly.

Having a structure to follow stops me from feeling overwhelmed as I juggle full time work, a new business and family.

founder, wife and mother of 2

Vari is not afraid to challenge how you think and she asks difficult questions. But in an incredibly compassionate way.

Mother, designer AND artist

This work with Vari has cured me of a lifetime of perfectionism and procrastination. My life truly has gone from good to great.

Relationship coach and mother