Stories, ideas and snippets of wisdom on how to live a big life through small and gentle acts of courage


What if you allowed yourself to slow down and meet the life that’s waiting for you?

SEEDS OF COURAGE is an exploration of the delicate and tender space between what has been, and what is in the process of becoming.

From divorce and sobriety to running a business and co-parenting, Vari McKechnie has done some hard things. Through her own lived experiences, she can teach you how to navigate your own hard things with more ease, joy, and most importantly, courage.

These pages are filled with thoughtful notes and contemplative questions across three sections 'Tilling the Soil', 'Sowing the Seeds' and 'Allowing the Bloom' that honour the natural cycles of life.

Seeds of Courage explores where you find yourself today, what you’ll leave behind and what you’ll move towards. Through stories, ideas and snippets of wisdom, discover how to live a big life through small and gentle acts of courage.

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