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hey, I'm Vari

I teach smart women how to be less busy and more productive. 

So they can stop chasing after a life they love, and start living it now.

I tried to find the elusive balance of motherhood and career. 

And failed at both.

I tried all the hacks, tips, tricks and apps.

But still, I’d be answering emails on my phone at the dinner table.
(The ‘no screens at the table’ rule doesn’t apply to parents, right?) 


I’d remember about that proposal I had to send at 9pm as I was making the school lunches. No early bed tonight. Again. 


I’d allow way too much screen time during school holidays. 
Because, y’know, work.

Then, I’d yell at them to get off screens when I wanted quality family time! (‘Seriously, I think mum’s lost it...’ is what they were both saying.) 


Those hazy dreams always took place in the magical land of ‘One Day’.

One Day I’ll have time to work on that project.

One Day I’ll take a full day off with them to just have fun.

One Day I’ll actually get offline for the weekend.

One Day I’ll have time for all of this.

One Day
we'll find the place where our dreams and reality collide.

But there’s just never enough time. Right?

That’s what I thought too.

And wasn’t this all supposed to be easy once the kids were in school?

Except… school holidays and excursions and basketball practice and class performances and dress up days and soccer matches and class activities that your kid volunteered you to help with (again) and dance recitals and what about those sneaky little student-free days that always catch you off guard!

It felt like balance, money and joy would never be possible for me.

Then I learned the truth.

Me, Gabriel & Noah

This life 

was possible for me. 

I’d just been going about it completely the wrong way.

When I realised that

everything finally clicked.

it wasn’t time that I needed to manage, but my thinking about time...

I created

a life that was beyond what I thought was possible for a single, work-from-home, mother of 2.

I set goals and achieved them.

Because I had a repeatable process that made it virtually impossible not to.

I learned to let go of mother guilt.

I nurtured my business, my kids and myself.

And watched all 3 flourish.

If this is what you want for yourself, I can teach you how.

Anything is possible.


For me and for you.

We’re the same.

I just have the formula that actually works.

Vari McKechnie is the coach and mentor for women who are ready to take their lives from good to great.

She teaches women how to identify and release their 'invisible handbrakes', so they can drive their lives forward with more ease and flow and less resistance and hustle.

Originally from Scotland, she’s called Australia home since 2007 where she lives by the beach with her 2 sons, Gabriel and Noah and their adorable staffy, Stella.

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