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I often create free resources (think checklists, audios, classes, journal prompts and the like) for my newsletter folks.

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FREE book: Ready, Set, Flow

I wrote a book. It's short and lovely and simple.

It's called Ready, Set, Flow : a simple morning routine framework to raise your vibration, activate your magnetism and intentionally set the tone for your day.

It's a framework for a morning routine that's simple and effective.

It's based on what I've tried and tested and refined over the last 13 years.


These are some of the questions I dive into with coaching clients during our end of year review session.

They're also really great questions to have in your back pocket for any social gathering over the holiday season.

No more small talk or recycled comments. These are great openers and give space for reflection and insight in a really gentle and conversational way.

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