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I'm the life coach to folks who are over living the humdrum, hamster-wheel life and who are ready to design a reality that's recklessly exceptional.

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You'll learn:

The Top 3 Myths even smart, successful women (like us!) believe about living alcohol-free

I'm sharing:

How went from 'accidental' daily drinking to 3+ years alcohol-free

You'll discover:

How to know if now is the time for YOU to take a break from drinking

Here's what You'll learn:

the real reason you've never got enough time

how to finally ditch your to do list and get more done!

the crucial first step you need to take so you'll never procrastinate again

my controversial secret to creating more spontineity in your life today!

SOBER, podcaster, beach lover, DIVORCED mum of 2, SCOTTISH-AUSTRALIAN, dedicated to the quest to find the perfect white tee + wannabe surfer.

I'm Vari McKechnie.

I'm the coach and mentor to smart-but-stressed folks who are ready to stop coasting though theirs weeks, months, years... and who are ready to catapult their lives from good to great. 

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Weekly insights + lessons learned from over a decade of being my own boss and a mother of 2.

Vari McKechnie


Do the small things.

"Her strategic mind is brilliant, she goes above and beyond for you and she’s just all-round loveable at the same time."


"Vari has this way of suggesting new ways of doing things that I hadn’t considered which I found to be very exciting and useful!"

- Liz Carrington, Elevate with Liz and founder of Kids Takeover Photoschool

"Vari is not afraid to challenge how you think and she asks difficult questions. But in an incredibly compassionate way."

- Kimberly, designer + artist

"We made a spur of the moment decision to have a free coaching session with Vari and then hired her as our coach on the spot."

- Leah + Kerry,
Running Wolves

"This work with Vari has cured me of a lifetime of perfectionism and procrastination. My life truly has gone from good to great."

- Melissa Cameron, wellness advocate + coach